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  1. What should I do after I finish all 3 of the Japanese readers and all 36 of the Japanese audio lessons?

    1. Hi Steve,

      We’re working on a fourth book to teach another 500 kanji or so. The work is going well (we’ve added 224 more kanji to the Kanji Catalogue as of today and identified three interesting sample sentences for each one), and we hope to complete this new volume by sometime next year.

      In some ways, the task of adding new kanji to the Catalogue is easier now, since there are more potential sample sentences that contain only kanji that we’ve already covered. In some ways, it’s more difficult, since we have more kanji to compare each new character with. Regardless, it’s fascinating, and we hope to get you to the point where you will be able to read Japanese at the level of a high-school graduate.

      Update, May 17, 2022.
      We have completed the fourth book, which will teach 560 new kanji, for a total of 2088 kanji in the four books. However, we are now reviewing the other three books, especially their Kanji Catalogues, and making a number of changes to them to make our descriptions and mnemonics more memorable, and to show comparisons among the kanji. We plan to publish the new books later this year. These will include an expanded Glossary, a Kanji Catalogue covering all 2088 kanji and a Volume 4 of the Japanese Reader.

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